Special street sale to hold bake sale and BBQ for homeless drive

Two rooms that are loaded with donated items sit in Karen Newman’s home. Photo submitted by Karen Newman

By Karen Newman

There is a charity drive being held on June 7 in Chatham for the homeless. Billed as a yard/bake sale and lemonade stand/BBQ, organizers are optimistic the event will raise hundreds of dollars for the homeless.

Organized by the Creating Smiles Network, it is one of many fundraisers held this year. The organization was started last year and they helped out over 600 people with things such as blankets, clothing, outerwear, toiletries and snack foods. This year the Creating Smiles Network is hoping to help even more people. There already was an online Facebook auction that raised over $1000.

This Saturday, June 7, there will be a street sale on Paisley Court in Chatham. There is going to be a charity bake sale and lemonade stand at the corner house with all monies being donated to Creating Smiles Network. There will also be a huge yard sale and BBQ down at the end of the cul-de-sac. There will also be many other yard sales throughout the street with some great things for sale. You will not want to miss this street sale!

Please come out and support a great cause. You will not be disappointed with the selection of items.

Creating Smiles Network will also be at the Canada D’eh event in Tecumseh Park on July 1 selling some hand crafted items. Join our Facebook page or just type in Creating Smiles Network to keep informed on what is happening. You can also check out pictures from last year’s distributions in Chatham and Toronto. It truly makes you thankful for what you have in life to see people cherish having basic necessities.


Take Tweedsmuir Ave W down to Wedgewood Ave, where the ball diamond and park is. Paisley Court is the next street past Wedgewood, running north, off of Tweedsmuir if you are going west.