Progressive Conservative Party demolished in Ontario’s provincial election

Rick Nicholls celebrates his victory in Chatham last night. Photo Samantha Marsh

Rick Nicholls celebrates his victory in Chatham last night. Photo Samantha Marsh

By Samantha Marsh

Unfortunately for the Progressive Conservative Party, the Liberal Party swept the Ontario vote with an outstanding 59% of the overall vote. However, despite the government now being a majority in favour of the Liberals, Chatham-Kent has decided to re-elect Rick Nicholls (a PC party member) as their representative in provincial parliament. Moreover, the other local PC candidate for Lambton-Kent Middlesex, Monte McNaughton also retained his seat.

Nevertheless, dedicated PC supporters at Nicholls campaign headquarters still hold their heads high, their spirits are strong, will unbroken and are more motivated than ever.

When asked why she supported Nicholls, Anne Cadotte said,”He is trusting, quickly resolves issues and gets the job done.”

Furthermore, when asked the same question, Mary Maynard stated “I have always voted for Rick Nicholls, we attend the same church, he is completely trusting; I support him completely.”

In addition, Nicholls charmed his supporters with a clever “eye of the tiger” dance upon his entrance, and an even more dazzling speech where he described what he stands for; integrity. Moreover Nicholls stated, “I’m on fire with desire to serve this community and serve this community is what we’re going to do! All of us together as a community we make wonderful things happen!”

Lastly, as a young person newly exposed to the political scene, I was touched by the overwhelming support shown for the candidate and the sense of community I felt among those gathered. Congratulations to Rick Nicholls for his success and hats off to the Liberal party for their overall victory.