Police Services Board conducting telephone survey

s police 8The Chatham-Kent Police Services Board is beginning the preparations for its 2015-17 business plan, and is looking for public input on policing priorities and issues to help in the process.

The Board has contracted OraclePoll, an Ontario-based research firm, to conduct a public survey of a sample of residents of Chatham-Kent to get input from the community. Researchers will be contacting residents by telephone, and the survey document will also be available on the CKPS website at www.ckpolice.com in the coming week.

“The Board is seeking information from our citizens on how they perceive policing and public safety in our community, receive feedback on policing services, and hear what citizens deem to be priorities for our Police Service in the next three years”,  says Pat Belanger, Chair of the Board.

“Our appreciation is extended to the media for informing the public of the survey process so citizens are aware in the event they receive a phone call from OraclePoll about our Police Service”, says Chief Dennis Poole. “It is a legitimate survey, and we encourage citizens who are contacted to assist us in providing their answers to the questions asked, and to provide input to help us in determining how we should prioritize our resources in the coming years. Our Business Plan helps form our Budget process in order that we can plan strategically for the future, and meet the needs and demands of our community.”

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