Young mom realizes her son’s bike was stolen while preparing his birthday party

8 year-old Connor with his new BMX bicycle on Easter. Photo Danielle McLoughlin

By Greg Holden

Danielle McLoughlin and her mother pooled their resources at Easter to buy her son, Connor, a new BMX bicycle that has since been stolen off her back porch.

McLoughlin told the CKReview that Connor rode the bike, costing $120, from the time he gets home from school until 7 p.m. He rode it all day on weekends, outside his church and with his mom while on errands.

“He was so proud of this bike and we got a lock to ensure no kids could take it. He doesn’t lock it up one time and it’s stolen.”, said McLoughlin. “It has ruined his excitement for his birthday and all he can think about is his bike.”

Connor is celebrating his 9th birthday with a party on Saturday. He turns 9 on Wednesday, May 28.

McLoughlin is sure the bike was there two days ago, but today it was gone. “My daughter has a bike and it is there, but his is gone”, said McLoughlin. “We live in a co-op on Sheldon, Columbus Estates, so he is able to ride around on the sidewalks or the trail in the park here when he wants.”

All of the decor is ready for the party, however McLoughlin will be baking into the wee hours. “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cake and cupcakes. It’s going to be a long night! He is taking it so well it makes me proud but I am so angry on his behalf”, McLoughlin said. It will be a party Connor walks away from.

Party room prepared by Danielle McLoughlin for her son’s 9th birthday.


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  1. wiseguy24   May 23, 2014 at 11:29 pm

    Is there not a find my bike app yet? I seriously can’t believe no one has busted these little pricks that keep stealing bikes, and all the other shit, Living in Mayberry RFD is a bitch!