Time to bunker down says Rick Nicholls

Rick Nicholls, MPP for Chatham-Kent-Essex

By Greg Holden

MPP Rick Nicholls said today in an interview that it is time to bunker down, now that a provincial election has been called for June 12. Nicholls spoke about the work ahead of him and his team during this campaign, what triggered the election and he gave a glimpse of what voters should expect from the Tories.

NDP leader Andrea Horwath said earlier this morning that the NDP would not support the Liberal budget released last night, triggering the election. “People are saying what we have said all along, based on the scandals that have occurred over 11 years,” Nicholls told the CKReview. “EHealth, Ornge, gas plants, wiping out 25 hard-drives of data. It’s just denial, denial, denial. There was no way the NDP could prop up the Liberals for the third year straight.”

“This budget was more of an election platform. They were trying to buy votes”, Nicholls said, “It was as far left as you can go. You have to wonder how far they can push the envelope and they went right over the edge.”

The provincial debt in Ontario is now over $270 billion and is the fastest rising cost of the government. When the Liberals under Premier McGuinty took office on December 1, 1996, the debt was about $100 billion.

“It’s time for change”, Nicholls said. “The intelligent voter in Ontario have to sit back and say they can’t believe the scandals. We are the party that will focus on jobs and the economy. We will do that by focussing on getting energy rates down to a sustainable level where business can survive and thrive.”

Nicholls has seen first-hand the struggles his constituents face, “We want it so families won’t have to decide whether to pay for their hydro bills or their groceries. We will attract business to the province with low hydro rates and eliminate red tape that bogs down business.”

The Tories head into the election up 5% in the polls, but Nicholls said anything can happen during an election. “I don’t put too much faith in polls. We are prepared to work hard and bring more jobs to Chatham-Kent-Essex.”