Six year old girl replaces stolen bike with her own money

Samantha (L) and Sara (R) Baresich of Bothwell stand next to a bike in a store they will later deliver to a Chatham boy who had his stolen just before his 9th birthday. Photo Greg Holden
Samantha (left) and Sara (middle) Baresich of Bothwell and Connor (right) McLoughlin of Chatham stand behind a new bike that Sara purchased for Connor with her own savings. Sara had heard Connor’s bike was stolen just before his birthday and wanted to ensure Connor had a happy birthday anyway. Photo Greg Holden

By Greg Holden

When six-year-old Sara Baresich of Bothwell was told by her mother Crystal today about a story in the CKReview of a young Chatham boy who had his bicycle stolen, she knew what to do. Sara asked her mom if there was enough money in her own savings to replace the bike. Soon after Sara paid with her own money, that took a long time for her to save, for a new bike far too large for herself. Sara of course wanted to give it away. The story appeared in the CKReview last night at 11 p.m. and this morning before 8 a.m. the Baresich’s made contact, expressing Sara’s wishes.

Connor McLoughlin of Chatham was having his ninth birthday party this afternoon without his most prized possession, the bike his mother and grandmother bought him for Easter. While his mom was preparing a party room for Connor yesterday, she realized her son’s bike was stolen.

The moment Sara met Connor for the first time, Sara was smiling with happiness and Connor was overwhelmed with joy. Sara walked the new bike up to Connor herself and wished him a happy birthday. What an understatement. Connor said thank you and then lit up the pathways with his bike, taking off on cue as he sped away. Later Connor tried his best to open a special birthday card,handmade by Sara, while trembling with glee. Sara’s mom deflected all credit to her young daughter.

Six-years-old with a vision of restoring faith for one boy in people’s kindness. Six-years-old and with a will to give, enough to prove good triumphs over evil every time.

Connor said his bike will be locked inside his house from now on, just for safe measure. As valuable as the bike is, it is the wish to be charitable by six-year-old Sara Baresich that remains priceless.


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  1. h.baker   May 24, 2014 at 7:38 pm

    what a special young girl she will be blessed by having such a huge heart and what a compliment to her parents for raising such a kind wonderful young girl that willl grow into a wonderful women I am sure