Liberal candidate Terry Johnson concerned over Hudak’s proposed job cuts

Liberal candidate for Chatham-Kent Essex Terry Johnson. Photo Facebook.

Chatham-Kent-Essex Liberal candidate Terry Johnson has serious concerns over Tim Hudak’s recent announcement about major job cuts.

“Hudak has just admitted that one of his first tasks, should he form a government, would be to throw 100,000 people out of work. That’s just about the entire population of this riding,” Johnson said.

This, Johnson noted, is combined with Hudak’s commitment to cancel major infrastructure projects, and would result in even more layoffs and reverse progress made to improve transit, bridges and highways.

“Hudak seems to think that these moves will magically encourage businesses to create more jobs,” Johnson said. “As a business person who has spent a lot of time working to attract investors to my community, I can tell you that safe, secure public services and modern infrastructure are critical to the decision to move or start a business. If those aren’t there, the jobs simply aren’t coming.”


Johnson added that he does not want Chatham-Kent-Essex to be a victim to Harris-Hudak PC-style cuts. “We’ve been down this road before, and we saw what indiscriminate slashing did to our water safety systems and our meat inspection systems.”