Food producers launch Grown in CK brand

Grown in Chatham-Kent logo

Grown in Chatham-Kent logo

The Chatham-Kent agriculture community is announcing a new initiative to show people here and around the world that we really do “grow for the world”.

A new branding program has been developed through partnerships with Chatham-Kent Agri-Development (CKAD), Chatham-Kent Food Policy Council, Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit, and Chatham-Kent Economic Development Services. Together, they are launching a “Grown in CK” brand.

Two years ago, during the “Let’s Talk Food” Community Food System Assessment, it was discovered there was a desire to buy more local food products. Many of our citizens place a high value on local food as they feel it is fresher, tastier, healthier, and more trustworthy.

Our farmers and residents both indicated they want a “Buy Local” brand that would help them to identify food that has been grown in Chatham-Kent.

As a result of all this, an idea emerged to begin branding Chatham-Kent food products, and Chatham-Kent itself as a producer of fine products.

Jamie McGrail, Vice-Chair of CKAD, said, “This branding logo provides our producers with a tool to showcase the quality and variety of products they grow, as well as providing consumers with a resource that allows them to quickly distinguish a Chatham-Kent product while shopping. Outside of Chatham-Kent, our brand will also create awareness about the many agricultural opportunities here for potential partners and investors.”

Krystle VanRoboys of TVF Farms, who produces local cucumbers and peppers, said, “People want to know what they’re eating, and where their food comes from. Here at TVF Farms, we already display the Canadian maple leaf on our label. Now, by including the Grown in CK Brand as well, we can strongly emphasize the importance of buying local and eating fresh Chatham-Kent products.”

The “Grown in CK” brand has been developed to be used by farmers, producers, or any business people in the value-added food chain who want to promote Chatham-Kent agricultural products, both within and outside of Chatham-Kent.

For more information on how to incorporate the “Grown in CK” brand in your CK food products, please contact Kim Cooper, Agriculture Specialist with the Municipality of Chatham-Kent at 519-351-7700 x 2030 or