DNA used to solve stolen car mystery

s police 7The Chatham-Kent police used DNA to find the person responsible for stealing a car in London, which was later dumped in Chatham last year.

In October 2013, police responded to a recovered stolen vehicle on Grand Avenue West in Chatham. The 2004 black BMW BX5 was reported stolen from the London area. Police examined the car and items inside were seized for DNA analysis.

In January 2014, police received information from the Centre of Forensic Sciences that a DNA profile had been generated. As a result, the man was identified and a warrant for his arrest was issued.

Yesterday morning, John Moore, 35 years, of Trafalgar Street in London was arrested by London police. He was transported back to Chatham-Kent and charged with possession of property obtained by a crime over $5000. He was released with conditions and a court date.