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Wallaceburg man charged with fraud


s police 5A traffic stop in Walllaceburg led to a man being arrested for fraud yesterday morning.

The Chatham-Kent police say the man advertised a snowplow for sale on Kijiji for $1000 in January of this year.

A 63-year-old Sombra Township man was put $300 down, agreeing to pay the balance upon receipt of the plow. The snowplow was to be delivered to an address in Sarnia.

The victim attempted to contact the seller, when the plow was not delivered on the date they agreed on. The man sent him an email stating that because he didn’t receive the entire payment he was not delivering the plow.

The victim contacted police who opened a fraud investigation and an arrest warrant was issued.

Yesterday morning police pulled over a vehicle on Murray Street in Wallaceburg with the licence plates covered in snow. Police realized the man they pulled over was wanted for fraud in this investigation.

David Lagace, 52, of Reaume Avenue in Wallaceburg was arrested and has been charged with fraud.