RCMP warns of police impersonation scheme

RCMP(TORONTO) - The Royal Canadian Mounted Police(RCMP) GTA Financial Crime Unit is issuing a warning to the public of a “telephone scam”.

There have been several reports across southern Ontario where a caller identifies themselves as a RCMP Officer. Several different names have been used with a badge number identification. The victims are told that they owe money in taxes or are being charged with a crime. The caller demands money from the victim for restitution.  The caller states if the victim does not pay restitution immediately, they will be arrested.

The RCMP offers the following tips to help the public remain safe from these types of fraudulent schemes:

  • Be cautious of who you are dealing with on the telephone
  • For verification, get the name of the apparent police agency and contact them directly via the number listed in the phone book. Do not call the number provided by the caller.
  • If you have call display write down the caller’s number and provide it to your local police agency when reporting the incident.
  • Do not provide personal information about yourself over the airwaves
  • Restitution is awarded through the courts, police do not request or demand money
  • Never send money through money wire services to persons you do not know personally.

“The best way to put a stop to fraud related crime is to recognize it and report it”, said Superintendent Dave Bellamy, Officer in Charge of the RCMP’s GTA Financial Crime Unit, “March is Fraud Crime Prevention Month, learn to recognize red flags so you can protect yourself financial.” Visit the RCMP Fraud Prevention Month web page for more information about resources on how to protect yourself from fraud.