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Police say 12 of the 14 missing Lev Tahor children have left the country

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The Chatham-Kent Police Service (CKPS) have said in a press release that 12 of the 14 children named on an apprehension order issued yesterday have left Canada. Two of the children are believed to still be in the country and have not yet been apprehended.
No explanation exists for why 14 children are named on the apprehension order. Only 13 children were subject to apprehension at the appeal. One minor parent, aged 17, was removed from the list of 14 during an earlier hearing.
Police are assisting Chatham-Kent Children’s Services (CKCS) with respect to the apprehension order, looking for the children with police saying CKCS are the lead agency.
CKPS say they are also consulting with domestic and international agencies along with the Crown Attorneys’ office to find if any violations of provincial or federal statutes exist.