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New head librarian named

Tania Sharpe, chief librarian at the Chatham-Kent library.

Tania Sharpe, chief librarian at the Chatham-Kent library.

The Chatham-Kent Public Library (CKPL) has a new chief librarian.

Tania Sharpe is already very well known to the community as a result of many years of service with the public library system. Sharpe will start her new role immediately.

Today, the chair of the Chatham-Kent public library board, Chandra Clarke, said, “The board is thrilled to have a new CEO selected, and we are looking forward to working with Tania on our continuing mission to provide high quality library services to CK residents.”

Tania Sharpe has more than 23 years of library experience in both an academic and public library setting. When she first moved to Chatham, Sharpe worked for ten years as a branch assistant in the Tilbury branch of the then Kent County public library system.

With her passion for library service and conviction about the value it provides to a community’s health and well-being, Tania Sharpe has made it a personal goal to ensure that all residents of Chatham-Kent are aware of the value of their public library.

In accepting this position, Sharpe says, “I would like to thank all my co-workers, past and present, who have helped me to succeed so far. With their support and encouragement, we can ensure that the Chatham-Kent Public Library continues to support our citizens with a wealth of valuable information and culture.”

Tania Sharpe’s enthusiasm for our community is also demonstrated through her commitment to the Rotary movement and through her participation in other volunteer organizations.