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Monte McNaughton, PCs support Ombudsman’s Hydro One investigation

Monte McNaughton, MPP Lambton-Kent-Middlesex Photo Dan Age

Monte McNaughton, MPP Lambton-Kent-Middlesex Photo Dan Age

Today, I am launching a systemic investigation of Hydro One that will focus on two key issues: First, whether Hydro One’s customer billing practices are transparent, and second, whether Hydro One’s process for responding to customer billing concerns is timely and effective.”

-Andre Marin, Ontario Ombudsman, February 4, 2021

Today the Ontario Ombudsman launched an official investigation into the Hydro One billing and customer service related complaints that have been escalating in his office over the past 10 months. “I fully support this investigation and applaud Ontario’s Ombudsman for taking on such a serious issue,” said McNaughton. “Residents in my riding have experienced these issues first-hand.”

Marin announced today that the Special Ombudsman Response Team (SORT) will lead the investigation that will focus primarily on the publicly owned utility’s billing and response to customers/customer service.

“Since my election in 2011, my office has received calls from throughout Lambton-Kent-Middlesex regarding billing irregularities, odd charges, malfunctioning smart meters, poor accountability and a lack of basic customer service,” said McNaughton. “We also receive calls about sky-high hydro rates, the failed green energy program, Hydro One employee compensation and bonuses, and the over $1 billion spent to cancel the Oakville and Mississauga power-plants.”

Hydro One is Ontario’s largest electricity company with over 1.4 million customers. It reports to the Ministry of Energy. Marin noted that complaints about Hydro One to his office have more than doubled since the fiscal year 2011-2012 when 232 complaints were received, which then grew to 328 in 2012-2013 and jumped to 600 between April 1, 2021 and now.

“Quite simply, Ontario’s energy system is a complete disaster and I’m hoping the Ombudsman’s investigation will shine some light on some of the many problems Ontario residents face on a daily basis,” summarized McNaughton. “I encourage all residents of Lambton-Kent-Middlesex to contact Ontario’s Ombudsman to report any issues they’ve experienced with Hydro One.”