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Harper says Ukrainian regime will be judged on its actions, not its words

Kiev riots. Photo by @varlamov (Twitter)

Kiev riots. Photo by @varlamov (Twitter)

The Canadian Press

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he welcomes the agreement between Ukraine and the opposition after bloody clashes this week, but Canada will judge the regime of President Viktor Yanukovych on its actions, not its words.

In a statement, Harper says Yanukovych must deliver on his regime’s commitments to the Ukrainian people and end the violence that has killed scores of civilians.

Earlier today in Halifax, Immigration Minister Chris Alexander spoke out against what has happened in Ukraine, saying he’s outraged by the violent developments.

The country’s beleaguered president has agreed to call for an early election, a new constitution and a new government.

Alexander says it’s deeply disturbing to see a democratically elected government take up arms against its own citizens — especially during the Olympic Games.

He says the latest moves to form a new government are worth watching because Canada wants to see Ukraine “returned to the path of democracy.”

On Thursday, Canada took more action against Ukraine in response to its crackdown on protesters.

Ottawa is banning more Ukrainian government officials from entering Canada, and Ottawa is also threatening economic sanctions.

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