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Body found in Chatham may be David Round

Photo of David Round that has circulated over the weekend on social media. Photo Facebook

Photo of David Round that has circulated over the weekend on social media. Photo Facebook

Update: The Chatham-Kent police have confirmed the body found is David Round.

By Greg Holden

A body has been located near the courthouse in Chatham this hour. It is believed to be David Round and foul play is possible but nothing has been confirmed.

The CKReview will update the story when new information is available. All that is confirmed now is that it is a male.

Update: Police at the scene were tight-lipped and could not say when or exactly where within their perimeter the body was found.

According to Shawna Barr, who says she is a friend of the family, the family of David Round is on their way to identify the body.


  • AandE

    FAIL!!!! if nothing is confirmed, then why even post it. Let the family be the first to know, YOU JERK!!!!

    • Greg Holden

      The police released the information the body was found.

      There is no-one else that it is suspected to be unless you have information about someone else missing in the area.The article is clear and says it is a belief. It does not say it IS David Round. That belief is widespread and is quite accurate.

    • bullcrap

      I missed where the family was notified..I’m certain they were not called or informed about this before the news posted it..Also answer this quick question mister quick to release info if he has been missing for 2 weeks and his body was found so close to the court house where the hell was the police at being that there in and out of the court house all day long ….

      • tim_sour

        I am Sure Mr Bull Crap that the police always walk along the creek there to see if there is a body there like you are implying !!! Come on ur the one spreading Bull crap know !!

  • Brittany Vankoughnett

    this is rediculous the media should have a for sure answer for the family before they just assume…now the family has to wonder if its his or not…my heart and prayers go out to the family and friends right now of david round…i hope for this family that it is not his body and that he is still living his life out their somewhere

    • Greg Holden

      There is no assumption being made. It is believed to be David Round. Anyone else you think it is?

  • LABH

    Totally Disgusting!! Know the facts before making assumptions! There are many missing people in Ontario that could have ended up in Chatham. Do not make ASSUMPTIONS! Thoughts and prayers are with the family of this man!

    • Greg Holden

      The report does not assume it is David Round. It accurately reports that is the assumption being made by many people.

  • Danielle Duck-Langdon

    Rip my prayers go out to his family

  • Joe Carson

    jumping the gun to get them clicks eh Greg. This is disgusting. Regardless of what info you have at the moment, let the proper people report on the matter. one of those too soon moments for sure. thoughts and prayers to those affected.

    • Greg Holden

      Jumping what gun? The Chatham Daily News also used David Rounds name in their report of this find and like the CKReview points out is not confirmed.

      Speculation is it is David Round, which is accurate as proven by that the family is on the way to identify the body and probably have confirmed it or not by now. I am waiting for more info.

      I don’t decide what people click on. If they clicked on happier stories you would see more of them. They don’t.

  • Marie Murphy

    you should never have said that it “is It is believed to be David Round and foul play is possible but nothing has been confirmed.” Where is your respect for the family and friends of the young man. Your putting people though hell for no reason and shouldn’t be aloud to report.

    • Greg Holden

      Facts are facts Marie. This report is accurate. If you don’t like my reporting, feel free to read someone else.

      • Mitch

        It’s not a fact. A fact is something that actually happened. You reported what are called possibilities. Not a fact. I will read somewhere else thank you.

  • tim_sour

    There is only one sensible comment on the comments and that is from Danielle Duck-Langdon

  • tim_sour

    And Another point when everyone heard there was a body found they Naturally assumed it was him anyway and don’t lie you did !!! So what is the big deal !! !!

  • Ashley Warnock

    This is ridiculous. If it was obvious that nothing had been confirmed, WHY was this kept up? You need to consider the family’s feelings. I know that if I had found out about someone I loved being supposedly dead on the internet, I would be livid. This is so heartbreaking, I cannot believe that this is allowed.
    I honestly hope you feel humiliated for what you have done to the family and friends of this man. I personally think you owe them an apology, if not more.