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Wallaceburg man arrested after failing to show up in court for forgery in stolen credit card case

s police 2A 40-year-old Wallaceburg man who is accused of forging a signature after credit cards went missing at a Chatham residence, has been arrested again. This time for failing to show up in court.

In October 2013, police began a fraud investigation. It is alleged that a man took credit cards from a residence in Chatham. With the stolen credit cards, the man went to two businesses in Chatham and made purchases. In December 2013, he was located and arrested for forgery and possession of stolen property. He was released from custody with several conditions pending a future court date.

On January 7, the man failed to attend court and a warrant was issued for his arrest. Yesterday afternoon, police found him in Wallaceburg and he was arrested. He was again released from custody with another court date.