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Two citizens show up for municipal budget meeting in Wallaceburg, Crew says

Councillor Marjorie Crew.

Councillor Marjorie Crew.

An open house being held in Wallaceburg this hour that allows residents to interact with municipal officials on the 2014 budget, has two citizens in attendance according to a tweet by Coun. Marjorie Crew.

The event is to allow residents to give their thoughts on this years budget, which has a preliminary increase of 2.5 %.

Further open houses are scheduled for Wednesday in Blenheim and Thursday in Chatham.


Coun. Crew tweet from Wallaceburg

  • Henrie Timmers

    For some reason, I didn’t hear about this till today, when it was already ongoing. Since we are now going to vote online, why can’t we have these discussions online? It’s not rocket science.

    • BillyGoat123

      Great point. There were more comments online this afternoon on the CDN website then people that were at the meeting…that says it all.

  • 1farmer1

    POST EVERYTHING ONLINE——-Let me read and then comment——not every body can go to a bull shit meeting——sorry but that is whet i think——-put it in wrinting—then we can go back on you———-or make a proper comment and do do dillagence (sp) and be able to make a proper answer to all that is there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!