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Parking ban in effect at 1 p.m. today


A snow bank sits at the end of Andrew Tompsett's driveway on January 25, 2104. Photo

A snow bank sits at the end of Andrew Tompsett’s driveway on January 25, 2104. Photo

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent Public Works Department has declared a snow emergency parking ban. The municipality has placed a 72-hour ban on the parking of vehicles on municipal streets and roads so that snow ploughs can clear away the snow more effectively. The ban starts at 1 p.m. today and is scheduled to end Thursday at 1 p.m.

The order will be rescinded as soon as road conditions warrant it, to limit the inconvenience to residents. The parking ban has been declared under Chatham-Kent (traffic and parking) by-law 245-2004, section 218.02 and 218.03.

Winter control operations continued overnight. A significant amount of snow fell, combined with wind gusts reaching into the mid-40 km/h range, making road conditions hazardous. Periodically in some areas snow plows were pulled from the road overnight for relatively short periods because of visibility and safety concerns, although all have been back into service since 5 a.m.

Weather forecasts for Monday indicate wind speed will decrease slightly today to the 30 km/h range with wind gusting into the 40km/h range however no snow is forecasted until Thursday of this week.

Snow plows will be continuing winter control operations throughout the day on both rural and urban roads. Temperatures are forecasted to remain cold for the rest of the week and crews will be starting to truck snow away from congested areas, parking lots and widen intersections and narrow areas of roads to allow for more snow storage areas in anticipation of additional snow forecasted for the end of the week.

  • Melissa Jackson

    Photo from the future of 2104 !
    At least it is off the road I need to detour to work because the snow plows piled it in the middle of the road! !