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Destroy banned marijuana by mixing it with water, kitty litter: Health Canada

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA - Users of medical marijuana will soon be prohibited from growing their own pot and the federal government is suggesting they turn to their feline friends for help in properly disposing of leftover stashes.

Health Canada recommends blending marijuana with water and mixing it with cat litter to mask the odour before tossing it into regular household trash.

The department has announced a complete reworking of the medical marijuana system, in part due to concerns about the risk of criminal infiltration.

Under the existing program, to be phased out by April 1, people like Jason Wilcox of British Columbia are issued licences to grow marijuana for their personal use to help ease the symptoms of painful conditions.

Wilcox and thousands of others have until the end of March to destroy any pot they have grown but haven’t consumed.

Under the new system, licensed producers will cultivate marijuana for distribution to patients whose health-care providers agree it is the appropriate treatment.

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