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95.1 The Rock is now LiteFM

Ad for Blackburn's new radio format for 95.1. Photo Blackburn

Ad for Blackburn’s new radio format for 95.1. Photo Blackburn

Starting today, Chatham-Kent radio listeners have a brand new radio music format to discover. Introducing LiteFM. Promising a listening experience of enjoyment, refreshment and relaxation, LiteFM offers a heavy load of “songs you like from artists you know”. This would include only the best of Elton John, James Taylor, Adelle, Phil Collins, Michael Bublé and long list of other popular artists who would comprise the sound of LiteFM.

According to Walter Ploegman, General Manager for Blackburn Radio Chatham, listeners can expect an enjoyable listening experience for adults who appreciate a radio station they can trust for quality companionship, mood enhancing music and the “right amount” of news, weather and community information. The station will super serve both men and women age 35 and up.

Not only will the songs and performers be familiar, so will the main program hosts on LiteFM, including afternoon host George Brooks, longtime radio host on CFCO and CKSY, and program director/morning host Gary Evans.

LiteFM Program Director Gary Evans says, “The benchmark for music has much more to do with does it fit the desired sound?” versus “what year was it released?” and “who performs the song?” “It’s conceivable to hear an Adelle song followed by a Neil Diamond classic. “We’ve tossed the old rule book out the window” said Evans.

From a business perspective, we were seeking a change for CKUE 95.1FM after a disappointing trend of ratings performance with the rock format and the effect on advertising. “The Chatham-Kent radio market is inundated with Rock radio stations where we compete for smaller and smaller slices of the pie” commented GM Walter Ploegman, “the LiteFM format has plenty of room to grow competitively and is a proven winner in the numerous markets we’ve studied in Canada and the U.S.”

The Rock’s popular website will carry on.