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Police release the 10 silliest calls of the year

s police 8The Chatham-Kent police have released their annual list of the Top Ten Silliest Calls they recieved in 2013.

10. If you’re on probation with conditions not to drive a motor vehicle, it may not be a good idea to drive your e-bike to your probation appointment.

9. A home owner relaxing in his hot tub was startled by a male who jumped his fence, and then fell into the pool. Any criminal plans the male had quickly sizzled. He hastily exited the pool and sloshed away into the darkness.

8. Bathrooms are not typically where you ‘play possum’ however this one wasn’t playing. A woman called 911 after she opened her cupboard and was face to face with a possum. Animal control was called to initiate a relocation program.

7. A neighbour dispute escalated when one believed that the other was using outside bulbs on his porch that he felt were too bright. His response? Strobe lights. Didn’t solve the problem but the area was sufficiently lit for a short time.

6. Police wear many hats, however controlling ‘acts of nature’ is not one of them. A neighbour called police because he was offended that rain water from his neighbour’s roof was going onto his property.

5. It would be expected that a person would call police to report a $90,000 fraud. However, it’s not common that the caller names Mike Duffy in Ottawa, as the accused.

4. While driving through Maple Leaf Cemetery, a squirrel jumped through the open window, causing the driver to accelerate into a ravine. Luckily the driver was not injured and the squirrel now looks before leaping.

3. A word of warning to bored youth, dog leashes will not ‘trip’ cars.

2. Although a goat on the road technically doesn’t constitute a 911 call, the circumstances quickly changed when the driver exited to get a closer look at the 911 address, the goat jumped in her vehicle.

1. A man called police to help him retrieve his personal property.   Rather unusual property it was learned.  The man had attended his girlfriend’s residence and while there, removed his glass eye.    He was upset that his girlfriend had hidden his eye and refused to return it.