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Home Depot donates gazebo to Children’s Treatment Centre

Home Depot volunteers build a gazebo at Children’s Treatement Centre Foundation of Chatham-Kent. Photo Greg Holden

By Greg Holden

Yesterday, Home Depot in Chatham donated $2600 worth of materials and six employees donated an entire day to install a gazebo for the Children’s Treatment Centre Foundation for Chatham-Kent.

The treatment centre had a playground installed earlier this year and recognized there was a need for shade.

“None of them are on the clock. They are not getting paid to do this. This is them wanting to come out and help the community” said Gloria Mattia, spokesperson for Home Depot. “Through Home Depot Canada we get the funding to do bigger projects.” Mattia said that twice a year, in the spring and the fall, Home Depot allows for her store to apply for donations to larger projects. It was through that fund that the materials were paid for.

Candice Jeffery, communications and fundraising coordinator for the treatment centre, said, “Six dedicated volunteers from Home Depot in Chatham spent the entire day constructing a gazebo for our new accessible therapy playground. A few volunteers will be returning tomorrow to finish the roof.” Jeffery said in total the donation was about $3500.

“This gazebo will provide much-needed shade for our clients and their families. Our accessible therapy playground was completed in May 2013 and is open to the public in addition to providing a therapy space for our clients”, Jeffery said.

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