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Canadian author, Alice Munro, wins Nobel Prize for Literature

By Greg Holden

Today southwestern Ontario short story writer and novelist, Alice Munro, was awarded the 2013 Nobel Prize for Literature by the Swedish academy.

Known for being the “master of the contemporary short story”, Munro’s works include Dance of the Happy Shades (1968) which won a Governor’s General award. Her most recent book is Dear Life and was published in 2012.

Munro becomes the first female Canadian to win the prize. There is much criticism that the prize goes too often to european authors. The winnings include cash of over $1 million. Munro’s name now sits besides literary giants like George Bernard Shaw, Ernest Hemingway and T.S. Eliot who also won the prize.

Munro’s stories are often set in southwestern Ontario, offering descriptions of people unrivaled by her contemporaries.

Watch a video of the announcement.




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