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17-year-old charged after serial number filed from bicycle

The Chatham-Kent police have arrested a youth following a theft complaint in Blenheim.

On October 5, shortly after 2 p.m. a 39-year-old man rode his bicycle to a store on Chatham Street North. The man parked his bicycle in the bike rack and when he left the store he realized the bike had been stolen.

Later that same day, police spotted the youth riding the bike and noted the serial number had been scratched off. The last name of the accused replaced the serial number.

Police seized the bike for investigative purposes as it had not been reported stolen. Police found the owner and the he positively identified his bike at the Blenheim CKPS station on October 7.

Last night, the 17-year-old Blenheim youth was arrested and charged with theft and possession of stolen property. The youth got bail today and was released with conditions.

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