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Tilbury fire destroys home

Fire at 14 Pearl Street in Tilbury on September 27, 2013. Photo Greg Holden

By Greg Holden

A fire broke out at 14 Pearl Street in Tilbury today at around 2:30. No-one was injured.

Houses near to the burning house were evacuated as crews from stations 19 and 20 responded to the call. A second house was just 12 feet away from the fire and had no damage.

An aggressive attack from the inside saw streams of water shoot out from the roof. Residents gathered to watch the display. One girl approached the scene crying and looking for the whereabouts of her best friend, who was safely outside. A cat and dog were inside the house during the fire and were rescued without injury by fire crews.

Update at 6:40 p.m.: The fire originated in a recycling bin next to the home. Damage is estimated at $180,000 according to fire prevention officer Scott Sproule.

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