Merlin firefighter charged with arson

Blaze at Maris Technical in October of 2012. Photo Craig Hendry

By Craig Hendry and Greg Holden

In a shocking development a Chatham-Kent firefighter has been charged with arson for the $275,000 fire at Maris Technical last fall.

The Merlin based business burned to the ground on October 5 and authorities have charged Darrin Newham, a Chatham-Kent volunteer firefighter.

As previously reported, Chatham-Kent police have charged two people with arson relating to the fire that consumed the business at 1 Erie Street.

Chatham-Kent Fire Department, Assistant Chief Rick Arnel was able to confirm to CKReview that Darrin Newham, is a volunteer firefighter for Chatham-Kent.

Arnel said, “The CKFD is co-operating with the police investigation, and are aware of the charges that have been laid.”

Firefighters from Merlin, Raleigh South, and Tilbury responded and found the building that housed Maris Technical completely engulfed by fire and battled the blaze for several hours.

Arnel said Newham, “worked as a volunteer at the Merlin station.”

When asked how he would feel if Newham were to be convicted with the arson, Arnel said it absolutely would be a big disappointment.