Charlie Burgess celebrates birthday by releasing a single

Charlie Burgess performs at Tecumseh Park in Chatham, July 2012. Photo James Browning
Charlie Burgess performs at Tecumseh Park in Chatham, July 2012. Photo James Browning

By Greg Holden

Charlie Burgess wrapped up his busiest year in 2012. Burgess hit #2 in the Hip Hop category of ReverbNation in 2012 and sang all over southern Ontario, from Chatham to Toronto. Burgess spoke with the CKReview about his past year, his current plans and what he brings to the music scene.

Together with his manager James Browning, Burgess was a mainstay during 2012 at local events and outdoor festivals. Burgess no longer is managed by Browning, and so far there is no-one replacing him. “There has been a little bit of a change in that James and I are no longer working together”, said Burgess. “I understand that it’s a business, but I don’t care about making money from music. I do this for the love, plain and simple.” Burgess continued, “This past year was crazy! I’ve never had that many shows in a year. It felt great. Having my songs played on the local radio station was an honour.”

In celebrating his birthday on Valentines Day with his fans, Burgess released a single called Don’t Care What They Say. “Right now I am working on my sophomore album. There is a lot recorded for it and I plan on releasing it sometime later this year”, Burgess told the CKReview. “I don’t know what the future holds. I am just going to follow my heart and see what happens.”

Burgess pursues having a wider influence than solely a musical one. “I want to be that type of role model that people and the next generation can look up to”, he said, “I know it took long enough, but it just proves to show that people locally are paying attention to what I’m doing.”

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