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Gloomy outlook for local media

By Greg Holden

Sun Media, owned by Quebecor, rule the roost when it comes to local news. The Chatham Daily News in particular is like an institution locally. A trust exists between the paper and the community, where residents adopt an ongoing relationship and feel represented by the paper. Honesty, trust and fairness are the hallmarks to any relationship between media and it’s readership.

Some of that local trust has been lost at Sun Media over the past week. Their editor, Bruce Corcoran, and one of their most adored writers, Karen Robinet, have been let go for reasons only Sun Media can imagine. I cannot.

There have been others to lose their jobs at the Sun Media locally during this purge, however these are the people who readers have come to trust and love. Their value to the local community cannot be overstated. On social media the response has been overwhelming, they will be missed sorely.

A Dark Period For Local News Media

The CKReview would not be what it is, or have the direction it has, without both Bruce Corcoran and Karen Robinet. Each of them has helped shape things from how to write editorials, advice to get scanners, to expecting mistakes will be made and not sweating the small things. Their insights have helped shape what we do here, no-one else has given us more help than these two people. The CKReview is not better off with weaker competition, it hurts this publication, it hurts the trust between local media and anyone. We won’t have higher numbers because of this. Instead, local people will lose interest in news itself during this very dark period for media in CK.

Role Models Gone

I look up to both Bruce Corcoran and Karen Robinet as role models at what they do. The loss here is to the community. The bonds that give Chatham-Kent an identity have been shaken. There is no positive spin. Silencing what are the trusted voices of CK, is an immeasurable loss that extends well beyond the borders of Sun Media. Make no mistake the Chatham Daily News are, from this perspective, our only competition. However it does us no good to see them being ripped apart. All it does is destroy the bond between the public and the news media. That loss is shared by the CKReview, both as readers of the Chatham Daily News, and as upstart news publishers.

2 Responses to Gloomy outlook for local media

  1. Karen Robinet

    November 21, 2021 at 11:57 am

    Thanks Greg, I’m blushing…

  2. robarmstrongdevRob

    November 21, 2021 at 12:58 pm

    Nice Greg, Couldn’t agree more.