CK EMS cautions residents on back-to-school safe driving

CHATHAM-KENT - September 6, 2021 With the school year under way in Chatham-Kent, paramedics are reminding motorists to be cautious, drive safe and follow the rules of the road, especially near school zones.

It’s not just children you have to watch out for, as school buses are back in service. A school bus displaying its stop sign and flashing red lights means you must stop until the lights and signs are deactivated, regardless of which direction you are headed. School buses also tend to be an obvious indicator that children will be nearby.

Safer roads also mean more active and healthy children who feel safe getting back and forth from school by walking or cycling.

“We encourage walking or biking to school when possible because it promotes the daily activity that our kids need to be healthy,” says Donald MacLellan, Paramedic and Patient Safety Manager, Chatham-Kent EMS. “We also remind parents that if their children bike, they must have a properly fitted, CSA-approved helmet to help protect the head in case of a crash or fall.”

Chatham-Kent paramedics will also be taking extra caution on the roads with the back to school rush because we aware that children are attracted to the noise and lights of an ambulance en route. Parents should teach their children to stand back a safe distance and let any emergency vehicle pass.

We wish everyone a fun-filled and safe school year!

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