Brooklyn Roebuck celebrates her birthday in style!

Brooklyn Roebuck greets some fans at Canada’s Wonderland after her big win. Click for full image (Photo CKReview)

By Greg Holden

Brooklyn Roebuck celebrates her birthday on Wednesday surrounded by family, prizes, and excitement.

It’s a 15th birthday that dreams are made of. Only Brooklyn Roebuck is not dreaming.

In talking with the CKReview on Tuesday afternoon, Brooklyn delighted in hearing that the neon sign on her high-school recognized her win, even on a PD day. Brooklyn was told that the Mayor of Chatham-Kent Randy Hope, has a certificate waiting for her that is already signed, in recognition of her achievement. In typical understated fashion Brooklyn asked, “For what?”, and seemed to be sincerely unaware of the huge impact she has had locally.

Brooklyn was enjoying the spoils of victory, “Today I was at Sears where I received the $5,000 prize. I was on the Zone on YTV and just today I was interviewed by Cadence Magazine, Owl, Faze, Country Music Television and ET Canada”, she said. Brooklyn also appeared in multiple interviews for local radio stations according to a YTV publicist. “I also got my Gibson guitar!”, her delight was obvious even on the telephone.

Fans won’t have to wait too long to hear what is next for the young singer. “My next single will be released in December before Christmas and it will have a new video too”, said Brooklyn, “It will most certainly be a country song. I can’t wait for it! I also want to thank all my supporters so much. Without them I would not be here.” Brooklyn will have two songs released by Sony Music as part of her win on The Next Star, giving Canada’s newest star even more exposure.

Brooklyn will be working on her birthday. Happily living her vision for herself. This birthday may be better than anyone could have ever dreamed.

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