We Sleep At Dawn Release EP

By James Browning

We Sleep At Dawn is one of the most promising metal bands currently in Chatham-Kent. With a recent lineup change, the band has just released their debut EP which has 6 original tracks. The band’s members are Walter Staley, Michael Ritchie, Nicholas Grand, Thomas Ayers and Mark Bresett.

To coincide with their release We Sleep At Dawn hosted a show this past Sunday at Encore Nightspot. While interviewing these young men, they reminded me of myself at that age. Full of energy, but eager to get up on stage and rock out!  They talk to me about their EP, influences and also showcased the humorous side of them all, which happens to be most often!

I asked them about the EP and what bands helped influence them in the writing process. This list included Primus, The Devil Wears Prada, In Vain, Slayer & lead vocalist Staley also jokingly said Justin Bieber. Recorded at Jam Space in Windsor, Ontario, Staley then talked about the man behind the recording. “I’m not sure of his real name but its Al Yeti Bones. Lead singer and guitarist from Gypsy Chief Goliath”. Drummer Bresett added “He really knew what he was doing. It was our first time recording at a studio and he really helped us get comfortable there. It was a lot of fun recording!”

Since the last time I’ve watched this band they have recently gone through a lineup change. I asked them if their sound has also changed. Ritchie replied, “With Walt we have a singing aspect. A lot of people seem to like him. I like him. He’s a good guy”. Bass player Ayers then added, “He has a unique singing style that he brings towards it too”.

Earlier in the week the band released one track from the EP on their Reverbnation fan page and when asked about it guitarist Grand said “That’s one of our first songs we wrote”. When compared to the new material Bresett stated, “I’d say that we have become more technical”.

Other bands that performed included Chatham’s The Black Watch, Sarnia’s My Life’s Monument & Finding Serenity. Making a surprise performance was also Chatham’s Overcome Your Kingdom.

Overall I had a fun and exciting time interviewing the guys and enjoy the performance even more. With a local music scene that doesn’t always exist, We Sleep At Dawn sold out of all the copies of their EP on Sunday night and had a front row audience feeding off every bit of energy they released. Chatham-Kent is full of hidden gems and it’s up to us, the people, to support them! Congratulations on the release of your EP and keep up the good work.

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