The Power of Perseverance

By: Wanda Bell

This story is a great motivator to consider when you need to push on, but feel like you can’t.  Whether you are a student trying to finish your assignment, a job seeker searching for that elusive position, or simply trying to get through your “Things to Do” list, its simple message may inspire you to persevere.

One day there were two frogs which were out jumping together and by accident hopped into a bucket of cream.  Immediately they found themselves in trouble as the bucket was filled to the top.  They tried to jump out, but were unable to make it.  Try as they might, they just couldn’t get over the edge.  The two frogs hopped and jumped and clamoured to get out, but really were “in over their heads.”  One of the frogs became discouraged and gave up, and unfortunately, he drowned.  The second frog was determined.  He too was getting tired and worried, but he continued thrashing and jumping; he kept hopping – and hoping.  He genuinely believed that one of his hops would land him out of his predicament.  Imagine the splashing and flailing as he continued to try.  Finally, to his delight, he was standing on solid footing.  He had stirred up the cream so much that he had churned it into butter.  Now, it was easy for him to hop out of the bucket and be on his way.

When I feel like throwing in the towel on a project I conjure up an image of the two frogs, giggle a little, and persevere because I know which of the two frogs I’d rather be like.  How about you?

Wanda Bell is the owner of the empowering business, Explore and Soar – Your Guide to Self-Discovery.  She offers “Inner” Spa Days, Workshops and Personal Coaching.  Contact her through or visit

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