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Home Tip - Make your own steam bath

By : Dan Age

Have you ever wanted to take a nice steam bath but the spa is too far?  Not to mention too expensive, or maybe you just don’t like sitting around naked with strangers. Recently I came down with a cold and couldn’t breathe without my mouth hanging open and I wasn’t about to leave the house in my condition so I did the next best thing, I made my own makeshift steam bath! If you have a cubicle shower it’s really easy. My first attempt wasn’t the most successful but it did work for about twenty minutes, this first method I tried was placing a garbage bag over my shower and taping it in place, eventually as anyone could guess the steam loosened the tape and i had a garbage bag on my head, not the greatest method. The next attempt I grabbed a tarp and folded it up. The folded tarp was rigid enough to sit on top of my shower like a lid with just enough room for a little excess steam to escape and be carried away by the bathroom fan.


Try it out yourself and see what other ideas you can come up with, but as always be extra careful in the bathroom especially when steaming it up, your floor can become very slippery!

Home made steam bath!