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Act enthusiastic and you will be enthusiastic

By Wanda Bell

Naturally there are times in life when you don’t feel happy or energetic or maybe not even human enough to get out of your pajamas.  It is nice if you can stay in bed, but that isn’t always possible. There is an easy trick, however, which really seems to work like magic for those situations when you have to be a little more “up”.  All you need to do is act as if…

The phrase I learned to go with the concept is “Act Enthusiastic and You’ll Be Enthusiastic.” I first heard of this idea years ago as a teenager when I worked as a playground leader for the City of Chatham Parks and Recreation Department.  I don’t recall the special guest who shared this advice during our training session, but I have always remembered the catchy phrase, and applied it often, with great results. I first used it in that early job to motivate myself when working with troublesome kids in the parks, then to get me through my study struggles during university, and at other times when circumstances weren’t so rosy.

Recently I was not thrilled about making a brief presentation because I could have prepared better, but I acted upbeat anyways and to my delight, things went smoothly and I was even congratulated on a job well done.  Another time I wasn’t looking forward to a volunteer commitment which took place at an ungodly hour, but once again, I pretended to be full of energy and before I knew it the job was completed and I actually had enjoyed the experience.

Sometimes you hear of actors who take on a persona to really identify with the role which they are playing, this can improve their skills, and can even lead to very strange behaviour – but that is another story.  The point is that acting one way and being are hard to distinguish for others – and yourself.  You may start out using the technique and then realize one day you aren’t thinking about it anymore, you just are more positive.  Add this idea to your toolbox for life and you’ll soon discover its power.

Wanda Bell is the owner of the empowering business, Explore and Soar – Your Guide to Self-Discovery.  She offers “Inner” Spa Days, Workshops and Personal Coaching.  Contact her through or visit