Rick Nicholls apologizes, liberals keep coming

By Greg Holden

Rick Nicholls wanted to eat his own words on Wednesday. When contacted by the CKReview Nicholls spoke about his regret for a comment in the legislature that targeted Lisa Kirbie who is the Ornge director of government and regulatory affairs. Nicholls identified Kirbie as Warren Kinsella’s “squeeze”.

“Out of my respect for the legislature I apologized”, Nicholls said, “I was speaking to the Ornge issue and said something when a third-party member of the house, who I have tremendous respect for, complained. I always thought of the term (a man’s squeeze) as a term of endearment. I realized that within the confines of the legislature it is inappropriate and I apologized.”

Kirbie wrote a letter to the speaker of the house expressing her disgust at what she describes as a personal attack. In her letter she refers to “Nicholls and his small-minded colleagues”, and uses a personal attack.

On Warren Kinsella’s website today a message appearing to be from Kinsella reads, “I also told the reporter that Ontario PC MPP Rick Nicholls is a low-down, good-for-nothing snake”, and the body of the message says “…guess that didn’t make it into the story.”