Car accident sends one to hospital

Car accident at Tim Horton’s in Chatham. May 7, 2012. Photo CKReview

By Greg Holden

Two cars collided on Lacroix Street just south of Richmond Street Monday, sending one person to the hospital with undisclosed injuries.

Emergency crews responded just after 4pm to find one of the cars had hit a hydro pole. Witnesses at the scene say an oriental woman was taken to hospital with a neck brace on.

One car was pulling out of the parking lot at Tim Horton’s and was hit from behind, according to witnesses at the scene. The collision sent the vehicle out of control and into the hydro pole.

“I was right there. It was scary and the sound made me cringe.”, said Rachel Wilcox, “She (the car that was hit) was pulling out of the Timmies parking lot and the car behind her rear ended her. She went into a swerve onto the road and tried to hit the brakes, but instead she hit the gas pedal and accelerated into the hydro pole. I was waiting for the bus at the same pole.” No word on the woman’s injuries.

A representative of hydro said the pole was moved about an inch, but no damage occurred to any of hydro’s equipment on the pole. All of the hydro wires on the street were shaking and the ground shook so intensely it felt like an earthquake. The woman driving the car got out right away and collapsed on the ground. It was really scary.”

Estimated damage to the car is $12,000. More information will be made as it becomes available.