Pink shirt day combats bullying

Kindergarten students at King George VI primary school in Chatham wear pink. Photo F. Goddard

Schools across Canada encouraged students to wear pink shirts yesterday. Pink Shirt Day (or Anti-bullying Day) is observed on the last Wednesday in February to counter bullying.

The students are encouraged to wear pink arising from an ugly event in Nova Scotia in 2007. A new student at Central Kings Rural High School was surrounded by 6-10 other students and threatened with being beat up. He was also called a homosexual, apparently for no other reason than he wore a pink shirt. Unable to stand-by any longer, and have nothing done about bullying, two grade 12 students brought over 50 pink shirts to school and distributed them in the cafeteria. Their efforts paid off and gained national exposure and has since been adopted across the county and it has even gone international.

Students also write pledges to counter bullying. The pictured kindergarten class drew pictures with captions that gave three instances of bullying circumstances, combined with promises to prevent bullying and not to kick or  punch.

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