Transcom closing. 180 jobs lost

Transcom is closing its doors on April 27. Photo CKReview

By Greg Holden

Workers at Transcom, a call centre on Richmond Street, were told yesterday the bad news. The centre is closing its doors for good on April 27. Some of the employees gathered outside today and spoke with the CKReview. Clearly upset by the news they spoke of the challenge of finding work in the area, the lack of severance pay and the likelihood that their jobs were going to the Philippines.

One worker said he worked there for four and a half years. He had no plans for the immediate future. Another worker could be overheard speaking to management asking where people will go. No answer was given, only agreement that times would be hard for many.

The call centre had answered for Comcast and Brighthouse, two US companies that sell cable TV, internet and telephone services. Recently Comcast pulled out of the Chatham site, which to many indicated worse news was on the horizon. Transcom opened the Chatham location in 2005.

One Response to Transcom closing. 180 jobs lost

  1. sue Reply

    February 28, 2021 at 8:14 pm

    i can’t believe how easy it is for transcom to close everyone down in canada. and they say that phillipines is the top performer?? PLEASE. american customers HATE talking to phillipines and india. transcom is making a big mistake. putting so many ppl out onto the streets who have worked loyally for them for years is ignorant and totally disrespectful. oh sure it’s ‘just business’, but tell that to families who depend on the paycheque, tell that to ppl who are in need of the benefits… what about the insurance for the workers? and what. they will only get a paltry severance pkg right? transcom is not a good employer if they think so little of the ppl who took the abuse from customers and the abuse from supervisors and always under some form of threat that they aren’t getting rid of the calls quickly. i’m for the workers. i hope you all find better jobs with a better employer that actually cares about keeping it’s loyal staff. and to those employees that just started for the minimum wage… you were doing too much work for that wage, you are better off working elsewhere. (not just directed to chatham site but for all sites in canada.)

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