New war of 1812 Project Facilitator

Bust carving of Tecumseh. Photo: Chatham-Kent Tourism

Knapp brings with her 8+ years of experience organizing, researching, and representing communities in the tourism industry and within local historical organizations. She has received not only her Bachelor and Arts (Hon.) in History and Bachelor of Education, but also completed her Master of Arts with a focus on the history of South Western Ontario. Knapp brings leadership and enthusiasm to the position and is eager to promote the rich War of 1812 history in the South West Region.

“I am thrilled to be part of the War of 1812 Bicentennial Commemoration. My entire career has been spent promoting the incredible value of local history. I look forward to continuing this tradition by providing open communication and effective coordination of the many activities organized by the many historical groups and legacy projects from across the region.”

Joy Sim, Chatham-Kent’s Tourism Manager, states “We are very excited to welcome Kyra to our team here in the 1812 South West Region. Not only will she bring passion and leadership to her position, but she will also act as a knowledgeable asset to all of the stakeholders in our 1812 Bicentennial Commemorations.”

Lynnette Bain, Vice-President Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island confirms; “Kyra will be integral to ensuring a memorable Bicentennial Commemoration in South Western Ontario.  She has the skill set, knowledge, and passion to drive a successful tourism experience program for the Region.  We look forward to the advancements she will make in helping promote the Windsor Essex Pelee Island Region.”

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