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Is CAS trying to steal your children?

Chris Carter of Court Watch, at vigil for CAS in Chatham

By Dan Age,

Monday evening local Chatham Kent residents gathered on the corner of St. Clair and Grand Avenue to hold a vigil in memory of the families ripped apart by Children’s Aid Services. In Canada most provinces have a government run Children’s Aid Service, in Ontario that’s not the case. CAS is a private industry and Chris Carter of Canada Court Watch claims it’s one shrouded in secrecy, backroom deals and executives raking in the cash. In a documentary soon to be released through Canada Court Watch a former CAS employee exposes startling issues withing the OACAS, and even claims that babies are being auctioned off to high profile bidders.

There is a serious problem and it begins with accountability. When a CAS worker believes that there is “risk of imminent harm” (physical, mental, social, sexual) they may with cooperation of local police remove the child from the home and place them into CAS care. There is no warrant needed for the police to enter and there are no records kept of unwarranted removals.

The next area of accountability involves deaths of children in CAS care. There are no statistics on the number of deaths or the number of deaths caused by CAS workers themselves. There are some parents who believe that CAS has gone as far as to murder their child.  Why would CAS want to murder children? CAS is accused of taking out life insurance policies on government wards, (children in CAS care). When accused the reply from CAS was that if it is happening they are unaware if it.

There is also a factor of the cost, it costs approximately $10k per assessment and the number of assessments in specific communities is private information. The information provided from OACAS is convoluted and offers no explanation as to why they keep no statistics on specifics like these.

The funding model now in place allows for funds to be directed to CAS only when they decide a child must be taken into custody. This system creates what some call a bounty on our children. Similar to how pharmaceutical companies need sick people, CAS needs the pain and suffering of children in order to operate. There is room for organizations like CAS to do good things in our community, and they certainly do. there are obviously children who need parents, and there needs to be a system to accomplish parental accountability, as well as CAS accountability. The Ombudsman (an independent provincial government watchdog) could be granted jurisdiction over CAS and there would be a level of accountability that does not currently exist.


Chris Carter left multiple voice mail messages for Mike Stephens the Executive Director of Chatham-Kent Children’s Aid Services requesting a copy of the polices and procedures, as well as bylaws and the process for attending CAS meetings. His calls have not been returned. attempted to contact Mike Stephens but his voicemail states that he is gone for the week attending various meetings in Toronto and London. I look forward to a call from Mr Stephens so he can clear the air and let the public know his opinion on these problems. We would like to give Mr Stephen’s the benefit of the doubt and consider it a coincidence that he is out-of-town the week that a CAS protest appears. Additional rallies are being held this week and more information is available through and

11 Responses to Is CAS trying to steal your children?

  1. Jesse Larabee

    February 22, 2021 at 1:18 am

    Think there is NO abuse in the Children’s Aid Society?

    Please view this blog:

  2. Jesse Larabee

    February 22, 2021 at 1:19 am

    Think there is NO abuse in the Children’s Aid Society?

    Please view this blog:

  3. July McDonald

    February 22, 2021 at 9:32 pm

    What I would like to know, is why the police is involved in situations like this. They are here to protect I thought. They have no right to go into someone’s house without a court order and remove our children . Why does CAS need help doing their crimes? To all police officers out there and their supervisors I say it’s TIME YOU STAY OUT OF THESE SITUATIONS! It’s CAS you should arrest! And please Mr. Age Let us know WHEN and IF you hear back from Mike Stephen . We need to make big changes and the sooner the better.

  4. Ryan Mcneil

    February 23, 2021 at 4:49 pm

    Wanna lose your kids? follow this guy! I just love how mr Carter’s theories rely on no proof what so ever. He seems to have a lot of information which he can’t back up and he shows no proof, but yet all these local folks believe it because he says what they want to hear! If a single child died in care whether accidental or on purpose it would have been headline news! He is no hero, just a man who thinks that exposing a bad worker makes you a better parent. It’s time to go back home mr carter and stop messing things up for the parents who are actually trying here!

    • Trish

      March 7, 2021 at 10:21 pm

      Have you honestly been involved with CAS?? I have in the past, and have been working with Chris and Canada Court Watch.

      If you look at the paediatric death review committee and you can see the stats that he is speaking about.

      “2010 Deaths Occurring and Reported by a Children’s Aid Society

      As per the Joint Directive for the reporting and reviewing of all child deaths known to a Children’s Aid Society within 12 months of the death, 109 child deaths were reported to the PDRC in 2010. 2 of these deaths were from previous years (2007 and 2008) but not reported until 2010.
      The CAS that provided service to the family submitted a serious occurrence report and within 14 days of the death submitted a Child Fatality Case Summary Report to the PDRC. The Executive Committee of the PDRC screens these reports and, within 7 days, a decision is made whether the CAS will be required to complete an Internal Review for the purposes of a future PDRC review. The decision to request an Internal Review is based on the criteria set out in the Joint Directive (see page 53).
      Most deaths are not reviewed in the year of death due to these timelines, the volume of cases, and the length of time required to complete a coroner’s investigation, including various tests and reports. Additionally, cases before the criminal courts are generally not reviewed until any outstanding charges are resolved.
      A preliminary analysis of the deaths reported in 2010 by a CAS is provided on the following page. As many of these deaths are still under investigation and have not yet been reviewed by the PDRC, the available information is limited. Further analysis of these deaths will be provided in the year in which they are reviewed.
      The Executive Committee of the PDRC reviewed all 109 deaths and requested that Society Internal Reviews be submitted in 37 of them. A decision on 15 other cases is pending the anticipated review by the Deaths Under 5 Committee where cause and manner of death will be determined. It was decided that 57 of the 109 cases would not necessitate further review given the nature of the child’s death and/or the Society’s involvement. The majority of these cases were medically fragile infants or children who died as a result of natural causes, most of whom were in hospital, born prematurely or with complex medical and/or genetic conditions.
      Of the deaths reported by a CAS in 2010, 40 of the decedents were female; 69 were male.”

      There are some stats…109 children in CAS care were reported in 2010. That does not lie…if you really think that Mr. Carter does not have the proof to back up his claims, maybe you should do some research and look into things a little bit more.

      You can also check out the following sites for more stories, and more information that you claim that
      Chris Carter can not back up….

      Have a look and read some of the horror stories!!!

    • Cappuccino

      March 20, 2021 at 12:16 pm

      Ryan Mcneil. …you are either a social worker or a hateful, spiteful man. Why don’t you read the stories other people have been reporting and open your eyes to what is happening. In order for you to understand, I can only hope that it will happen to you or someone in your family. Then I can see you crawling to these sites for help. However, due to your thoughtless remarks, I, for one, would not offer any. The proof is there, available to all to see, including witnesses who were not party to any of these CAS offences. Do your own research….or perhaps you are too lazy to do it and rely strictly on what is printed in the news. They do not publish news about CAS for fear of backlash from CAS and their high-paid legals but are well aware of what is happening. Some actually have the courage to print the truth. Think before you speak ill of others for it makes us think ill of you.

      • Ryan McNeil

        March 20, 2021 at 1:42 pm

        If you did your ck research you would already know who I am. I tried to start this movement against CK CAS when my oldest went to care. I eventually grew up and realized my children need me more than I needed my pride. CAS made me a better parent plain and simple. my children are in care and I still support CAS, they changed my life for the better

        • Tired of cry babies

          March 27, 2021 at 8:03 pm

          Ryan McNeil has obviously been drinking the government kool aid. Not to mention the fact that he just admitted he is a bad parent. Please go back to sleep Ryan, everytime you open your mouth you make a fool out of your self.

  5. Brad Winger

    February 24, 2021 at 7:35 pm

    In my experience the CAS is very selective on who they will assist, and when they will intervene. I can prove that a letter was written to court about me by a CAS worker, on CAS letterhead, when CAS was not involved in my case.

    Truth is very selective when it comes to the CAS.

  6. Turtle

    May 15, 2021 at 9:15 pm

    Mr Chris Carter is a violent and abusive man. He has assaulted several court officials, including a judge, and members of the public.

    He fanatically threatens anyone that disagrees with him and doesn’t accept his slanted view of reality.

    Typical Canada Court Watch supporter.

    • Greg Holden

      May 16, 2021 at 9:54 am


      Where is your proof that Carter has assaulted court officials or a judge, or anyone.

      You have posted this twice on this site, so I ask you sincerely. Clearly you have some type of gripe with him.

      I fail to see the relevence as well. Even if he did, which I am doubtful of, what relevence would it have to any of the articles here that pertain to Chris Carter?

      In my experience Carter is a sensitive and caring man.

      You are aware that libel laws are in effect in Belleville? If you are unable to support your claims and I am requested by Chris Carter to provide your details, I will most certainly comply.

      Greg Holden