Facebook used to catch high risk offender

Only a couple of days after “Safe Internet Day” it seems the message worked in at least one case. Victoria B.C. police released a statement saying they used facebook to help put a high-risk offender back behind bars after his online activities were found to constitute a breach of parole conditions.

The 47-year-old man’s parole was suspended following an investigation by VicPD’s High Risk Offender Unit into a complaint about the man’s Facebook contact with a 16-year-old teenage girl from New Orleans.

The complaint was initiated by the teenager’s father, who became concerned about the unsolicited Facebook contact his daughter was receiving from this older man. Upon doing a Google search of the man’s name, the father was directed to the VicPD website and a public notification issued by the department in 2010.

The parolee has a lengthy criminal history and was previously deemed a risk to woman. He has previous convictions for attempted forcible confinement, break and enter, assault and luring. The High Risk Offender Unit was able to liaise with the Vancouver Parole office to have the man arrested and his parole suspended yesterday.

Parents and educators are encouraged to visit the Canadian Centre for Child Protection’s Internet safety website, “The Door That’s Not Locked” (www.thedoorthatsnotlocked.ca), for comprehensive Internet safety information and to download age-specific “Safety and the Internet” brochures.

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