Dog tags must be paid by March 1

All dog owners within the Municipality of Chatham-Kent are reminded to purchase a dog tag by Thursday, March 1.  Municipal By-law 176-2005 requires that all dog owners obtain a municipal dog tag for their dog(s).

Dog tags can be purchased at the Civic Centre or any other Municipal Centre within Chatham-Kent.  Tags range from $25.00 for dogs that are spayed/neutered and have rabies shots to $55.00 when none of this has been done.  Dog owners who wait until after March 1 to purchase a tag will be subject to an additional $10.00 late charge.

Dog owners could risk being fined $240.00 for failing to purchase a tag.

Also, a reminder regarding poop and scoop – be a good neighbour and pick up after your pets.  Dog owners who do not pick up excrement and dispose of it in a sanitary manner could be subject to a $240.00 fine.

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