Demand accountability from CAS

By Dawn Fitzgerald

It seems there have been endless stories surrounding the Children’s Aid Society for more than a decade. More noise is coming from the public lately for an increase of transparency and accountability within the MUSH sector (municipalities, universities, school boards, hospitals, nursing homes and long-term care facilities, police, and children’s aid societies) and a demanding Ombudsman oversight. Rightfully so as well. You would assume when so many are crying out, rallying, and approaching our MP’s to fight for Ombudsman oversight, that it would be common sense, a no brainer. Especially since oversight is in effect in every other province except Ontario.

In contacting the office of Kitchener/Waterloo MPP Elizabeth Whitmore, very little was known about the issue, and they had no awareness of these issues being brought up in their riding. This shows an astounding state of ignorance considering there have been many rallies in their ridings, petitions, and correspondence sent their way. This was proven to me by an email, which Elizabeth Whitmore’s assistant stated was sent to me generically. Allegedly they were receiving several of the same requests I had made and so a generic response was given. It thanked me for information I had sent and said it would be reviewed. Information that I never sent. Apparently the effort to bring oversight to CAS was something they resolved could not be taken seriously because it was sent in internet electronic form. They saw it as no more than spam. It was causing them issues that, in my opinion, they would like to ignore. After all they or their predecessors wrote section 15 of the Child and Family Services Act in 1990 and Social Work and Social Service Work Act, 1998. More than one brave and righteous MP have more than willingly called out in the House of Commons, fueled by the public, the disgusting practices, misconduct, and circumventing of the laws which have enabled the CAS to become a law unto themselves. One Hamilton Reverend, Steve Rudd, said “it is absolutely right” when asking that the CAS functions be overseen by another agency or government body until a solution could be found. When Ontario’s Ombudsman, André Marin, released his sixth annual report in June 2011, he revealed that due to the cloak of secrecy and shield of immunity that these institutions are afforded by our government, his hands were tied and he had to turn away 1,963 complaints from the residents of Ontario during the previous year.

Why Ignore The Ombudsman?

The province has adopted close to 90% of the recommendations that the Ombudsman has made. Yet we ignore him on this issue. Why? Instead of trusting that all the public wants at this time is a bit of honesty and accountability, they are avoiding the needs of the people who pay them. Perhaps they are thinking we would truly panic, revolt, or worse should the truth become known. Are these politicians part of a greater world plot? Has so much damage been done that it is beyond the realm of sensibility to invoke common sense at this point? With food banks suffering, why is it that CAS has such a great budget at our expense? Would our tax dollars be better served by feeding the hungry than financing an agency that has many people within the agency earning over $100,000 annually? Have we not even questioned why we are cutting funding to house the homeless, but are allowing agencies like CAS to buy multi million dollar pieces of prime real estate, where they than build their multi million dollar buildings? And what is the thinking and agenda of our own government? Hand in hand with CAS when they will pay a foster parent hundreds of dollars more than a financially strapped single mother who’s main issues are primarily surviving and feeding her child? Is it the governments purpose to divide the family unit? “Divide and Conquer”?

It would essentially point you in the direction that foster parenting could be a very profitable business, as well as adoption which they heavily and quickly partake in. We are talking about hundreds of dead children who were under the case of the CAS. This is an issue of young unqualified workers posing as social workers. We have un-accounted for and mis-appropriated money as well as a plot for more. CAS workers are being threatened with death, we require an increase in court security as these apprehension cases take over the court houses, anti-societies are being created, families are being torn apart. Ex-workers, volunteers, and court wards are coming forward with the horrific accounts. All of that is on top of a government asking us to not look and don’t ask questions. This agency is privately and independently run from city to city and are not considered part of the ministry, thus they do not fall under ministry standards. They are able to defy court orders, which they commonly do. It almost sounds like the plot line to a Government conspiracy or organized crime family movie. Unfortunately this is real life and the statistics and endless accounts are something out of a horror flick. And with the corruption occurring at such high and vulnerable public safety levels, it’s no wonder many don’t vote and see no light at the end of the tunnel, or an end to this madness.

Every Other Province in Canada Has Ombudsman Oversight Of CAS

The Ombudsman authority, as established by the Ombudsman act to oversee the delivery of public services, has not been modernized in more than 35 years. Ontario has fallen behind in oversight of non-governmental organizations providing critical public services referred to as the MUSH sector. Am I to assume this is due to an oversight on their part? I think not. The Ombudsman of Ontario’s authority with respect to this sector is the most limited in Canada. Why is this? What exactly are they doing in Ontario that requires more secrecy than the rest of Canada? It’s definitely time we started realizing that the CAS agency we have so strongly believed in during better times, has actually digressed, and has become a God like entity unto its own that not even the government can control. An entity that can defy court orders without repercussion and can surely infringe on the human right of Canadian Citizens. “The true purpose of Law is not to abolish or restrain but to preserve and enlarge freedom” — John Locke 1632-1704. Do we now consider this untrue? So why not let the Ombudsman in to investigate these institutions otherwise known as the MUSH sector? What secrets are they so heavily guarding from us? When did we as Canadians decide that children are unimportant and a commodity to be traded and controlled by the government?

This is not just an abuse by CAS but an abuse by our government. It is not CAS’s job to decide penalties for crimes against children, nor should the burden be put upon an entity that is not part of the ministry to decide, especially one that does not answer to the people. This is where the politicians need to change and clarify this part of the law. Police need to act on the part of the victim and be held accountable if they do not. The courts need to toughen the penalties for crimes against the most innocent. Judges also need to be held accountable for their decisions which could be better determined through oversight .

For these sectors the accountability should be higher than the average citizen as we pay these people outrageous amounts of money to study, train, uphold, and know the law more than the average citizen. They are very aware of the laws and human rights they betray. It is sad to see private citizens fighting for liberties we have already been given, and pay dearly for, and now through these circumvented loop holes have been slowly taken away from us. This has caused a complete breakdown between the people and government. There is also the question of the adoption practices and apprehensions of CAS. Although the CAS claim their practices are in benefit of the child and the family unit, in September 2007, Dr David Kirschner stated “Adoption is a way to create disproportionate numbers of parricides and serial killers”. Every year tens of thousands of children are being ripped from what could very well be loving homes by the private, and what very well looks like a money hungry agency known as The Children’s Aid Society. Numerous children are dying in their care every year, while it appears they put the agencies best interest before the children. It looks like they are trying to cover up their negligence and keep their cash cow safely hidden. Billions of dollars in tax payers monies are shelled out to this private, unaccountable agency. The Children’s Aid Society then hire young, impressionable, untrained people who sometimes, due to lack of experience and direction, destroy families and children.

How Do We Know CAS Workers Are Qualified?

Many of these protection workers could have abusive pasts of their own or be borderline psychopaths. How do we know? With no oversight and an agency who does not follow court orders and seems to be building an untrained army ever-growing, this ‘protection service’ that appears more like a child stealing ring that is making billions. They go to great lengths and cost to hide their real agenda which is all about getting more money. If this was ever exposed to the public for what it really is then thousands of so called professionals could be out of work. This starts from the front line workers and progresses through lawyers, right up to judges. Would they have to give up their fancy suits, cars, homes and vacations? It would seem that the truth must be hidden in the “best interest of the child” Wake up Canada and ask yourself,  do your politicians truly care being fully aware of the situation? Educate yourself on the facts of The Children’s Aid Society.

It is only common sense you do not work with, compromise with, or try to negotiate with, people who have so many child deaths under their belts while they hide this insanity from the public pretending like they are heroes. But if you don’t, they may take your children. It’s madness. Obviously this is why so many will gather on Tuesday, February 21st at 12:00pm in front of 495 Grand Ave. West here in Chatham for yet another CCW Rally for Accountability and Oversight. Will you be there?

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2 Responses to "Demand accountability from CAS"

  1. Mary Najdzion-Gagnon   February 20, 2012 at 4:33 pm

    Great Article!!!! (again)
    I have a new e-mail …just gave it to you..See you Tuesday…Today at 6 is a candle light vigal at the corner of Grand and St Clair.
    Solidarity for those of us who’s families are ‘broken.

  2. Jen   February 20, 2012 at 7:19 pm

    Fantastic article. So true. Ontario needs the Ombudsman. It’s time people took their heads out of the sand and did something to fight for our province.

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