Brooklyn Roebuck: Chatham-Kent’s Future Superstar

By Greg Holden

Brooklyn Roebuck. Photo

Brooklyn Roebuck is turning heads everywhere she sings. The 14-year-old sensation is Chatham-Kent’s best kept secret, but don’t expect that to last. Roebuck has already won eight singing contests in Blyth, Mitchell’s Bay (three times), North Bay (two times), Kingsville and in Big Rapids, MI. Roebuck has performed all over Ontario, including Niagara’s Winter Festival of Lights for two years in a row. Recently she auditioned for a part in Country Sunshine, which opens this July at the Victoria Playhouse in Petrolia.

In an exclusive interview with the CKReview Roebuck detailed her experiences and interests.

CKR: Recently you auditioned for a part in Country Sunshine. How did that go?

Roebuck: It was really fun. I haven’t heard if I have the part yet, but it would be awesome if I did. They said I might be too young for the role. If I don’t get this role they said they may have a place for me in their Country Christmas Show.

CKR: What role was it that they thought you were too young for?

Roebuck: They didn’t say what character. They just said that in general I may be too young for the play. The youngest character in the play is the lead character Jaydee Bixby and he’s 21.  All of the other characters are in their 30s.

CKR: You bring a stage presence that is much more mature than 14-years-old. Do you feel older than 14 when you perform?

Roebuck: I have been told that I look older on stage than I am. I don’t wear make-up unless I am on stage so I am sure that makes me look older. I probably look taller because I wear boots with heels. I do feel older when I am on stage, I think because my band are all adults. In the band for my last event I had a teacher, builder and retiree.

CKR: Was that band 76 South?

Roebuck: The bands name is Country on Tap. They don’t play together any more but they play with other bands. Two of them play with Winterline, a bluegrass band that were nominated for five awards at the bluegrass awards this year. The other two play for the Western Swing Authority. We had three practices and they learned 20 songs. It was amazing to watch them!


CKR: What artists have influenced you?

Roebuck: Definitely my Grandpa and Grandma who were in a band called the Country Drifters for about 36 years. Also my dad who is a great singer. Both my dad and grandpa competed in singing competitions since I can remember. I think I was about 8 when I went into my first singing contest. I sang Take Me Out To the Ball Game. I didn’t make it to the finals. I like all genres of music. I love the Dixie Chicks, Leann Rimes, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Taylor Swift, Mustang Sally and Stacey Zegers. There are many more though!

Brooklyn Roebuck and Stephanie McIlroy perform together at Niagara Falls Festival of Lights. Photo:

CKR: Stephanie McIlroy performs with you at the 29th Annual CAA Winter Festival of Lights. Where else have you two performed together? Has she helped you with your career as a mentor?

Roebuck: Stephanie and I have performed a few times together. We performed at a press conference for the Festival of Lights, Veterans National Rendezvous and in St. Thomas for a Festival of Lights ceremony. Stephanie is a great mentor of mine. She is one of the most positive, caring and driven people that I know. I have a ton of respect and admiration for Stephanie. Stephanie is also a fabulous song writer. I am hoping to write a song with her some day!

CKR: How long have you been singing? How long have you been performing live?

Roebuck: I started out singing in contests. That is what I really love to do. I was always asking my parents when my next competition was. I could never get enough of compeitions. I really started competing seriously about four years ago. My first big ‘gig’ was at the Niagara Festival of Lights in Niagara Falls the year before last. I sang in between the sets of the main band. It was great!

CKR: What advice do you have for up and coming artists?

Roebuck: I tell up and coming artists to do everything they can to get up on stage. The more comfortable you get the better you get. Singing competitions are great for that. There are so many singing competitions out there.

CKR: You performed on February 11 at the Port Stanley Wharf, opening for 76 South. How did that go?

Roebuck: I was lucky enough to be asked by Ed Porter to open up for his band 76 South in Port Stanley. It was a great experience. He treated me like a professional and I have so much respect for him. I hope to have the opportunity to open for him again some day.

Brooklyn Roebuck singing. Photo

CKR: Thank you Brooklyn. Is there anything else you want to tell your fans and future fans?

Roebuck: I would like to say that I am having fun on my journey. I try not to take anything too seriously. I think I’m really lucky with the experiences that I have had so far. I have met so many great people.

CKR: You look like you enjoy what you do. Is there anything other than music and family that is important to you?

Roebuck: I would like to let everybody know that Rare Diseases Day is coming on February 29 this year. I will be performing at an event for Battens Disease and I also have a friend that has FOP. We need to raise awareness of these diseases so that people will rally together to raise money for research.

CKR: And you are performing in support of this cause on April 28, in Waterloo, at St. George Banquet Hall for Katie’s Crusade Against Battens Disease. What a great way to show you care.

Roebuck: I would also like to thank you Greg for taking the time to interview me. I hope you will continue to follow me on my journey. All the best to you!

CKR: Thank YOU Brooklyn for taking the time to answer our questions and good luck!

Brooklyn Roebuck seemed oblivious to how lucky I felt getting this interview. At every step I felt like I was dealing with a future star. Her composure on stage, her strong voice and her great attitude makes her a candidate to be one of the biggest stars in the world. She is a treasure, and she is Chatham-Kent’s treasure. Brooklyn will also be in Simcoe May 10-12, Sudbury June 7-9, Barrie July 12-15, and Colborne August 29-September 2. Check out Brooklyn’s website for details or any additional shows that may be added later.

3 Responses to Brooklyn Roebuck: Chatham-Kent’s Future Superstar

  1. steve seguin Reply

    February 25, 2021 at 5:15 pm

    Great job Brooklyn, i will pass these dates on hope to see you in Barrie when you come here.

  2. Dean McFadden Reply

    February 27, 2021 at 10:39 am

    Awesome to hear! Great interview. Hope to be able to see you in Waterloo. Best of luck!

  3. Herb Adams Reply

    March 2, 2021 at 7:46 am

    Hi Brooklyn. I’m looking forward to seeing you several times this summer. May 10 is only about 2 months away!
    Sorry I missed you in Niagra Falls in Dec. I decided to go to 3 shows in 1 day, later in Dec. instead. They were all great.
    I’m glad to see you doing so well - You’re AWESOME!

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