A new Chinese University for Chatham-Kent?

Mayor Hope announces the possibility of Chatham-Kent getting a new Chinese University. CKReview photo.

By Greg Holden, CKReview

Last night while celebrating the Chinese New Year at the Evangel Community Church, Mayor Randy Hope gave the first glimpse of details of his recent trip to China. Hope said his full report to Council on his trip would come on February 13. The trip included stops in Shanghai, Zhangzhou and Beijing. Also attending was Terry Johnson, vice-president of Scribendi, who was with Mayor Hope in China.

Hope spoke to the gathering and said, “Our relationship with the Chinese communities that we met with have only excelled, because ever since we’ve been back the improved dialogue between both China and Chatham-Kent has escalated.” Hope spoke of meeting with manufacturers and private developers, as well as the possibility of a new Chinese University for Chatham-Kent.

“One of the biggest concerns I heard the whole time I was there was the whole issue about getting a Canadian passport and Canadian citizenship.”, Hope said, “To come over here takes at least 4 years.” According to Hope the federal government advised him that applications to come to Canada from abroad were 10,000 applications behind.

Hope’s focus was on expanding Chatham-Kent’s population and welcoming diversity that better reflects the multi-cultural society in which we live. Pointing out that 10 million students graduate to University every year in China, Hope said ”I believe we have the opportunity to bring some of those young people here.”, Hope continued, ”The goal and objective is to reach out to other international communities and welcome them to Chatham-Kent. And when we expressed to the people of China the opportunities that exist and the lifestyles we have, they were amazed.”

Later Hope spoke about the muslim school that opened in Chatham and the benefits to Chatham it brings, including new doctors that otherwise may not have chosen Chatham, as an example of the expanding diversity of Chatham-Kent’s people, as well as the economic renewal the school brings to the area.

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