2.3% increase in municipal taxes

The long process of resolving Chatham-Kent’s municipal budget ended last night with Council deciding to increase taxes by 2.3%.

The vote to pass the budget was a close, 8-7 in favour.

How Council voted:

  • Councillor Bondy - No
  • Councillor Fluker - Yes
  • Councillor Robertson - No
  • Councillor Wesley - No
  • Councillor Brown - No
  • Councillor Gilbert - Yes
  • Councillor Myers - Yes
  • Councillor Stirling - Yes
  • Mayor Hope - Yes
  • Councillor Crew - Yes
  • Councillor Herman - No
  • Councillor Sulman - Yes
  • Councillor Faas - Yes
  • Councillor Pinsonneault - No
  • Councillor Vercouteren - No

Some services have been cut, including the hiring of new firefighters and some hours for summer students. A full account of the budget will be on the CKReview in the coming days.

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